Making First & Last-Mile Delivery More Profitable


has developed a state-of-the-art Transport Management System (TMS).The Comprehensive TMS is empowered with advanced Route Planing and dispatch Scheduling Algorithms.

The Comprehensive TMS

Manages and Optimises Pick up and Delivery Tasks in the same trip.

8 months after TMS release:

+200K pickup and deliveries

+200 Customers

Total ETA deviation: 18.5 Minutes

Area Covered: 7,150 Square Miles

Customer Churn Rate: Zero

Same-Day Pickup & Delivery Service

Flat rates for Pickup and/or Delivery

Orchestration of Cross-docking and Multiple Pickup & Delivery Optimization

Offers profitable same-day single pick up and delivery service with minimum flat rates to your customers

Real-Time Notifications

Both the sender and receiver get text and email notifications for every Step of Pickup & Delivery   

Accurate ETA

Modification of Address or Pickup and/or Delivery Time Slot

Both sender & receiver can change or modify their address and/or Pickup & Delivery time slots until the last minute.

Easy Ordering

Orders can be registered through:

1.Mobile Application

2.Web panel

3.API for large customers

4.Plug-and-Play Apps to connect with other e-commerce platforms such as Shopify  

Rate & SLA Comparison

Customers can view and compare rates and terms of 

different couriers and service providers

Using Freelance Drivers

With AI-based algorithms number of required vehicles is accurately estimated and drivers are notified and confirmed before pickup and delivery starts for each time slot.

DynaExpress makes First & Last-Mile Delivery more environmental friendly, accurate & profitable