Mobile Application

The most user-friendly and comprehensive mobile application for last mile delivery

In last-mile delivery, drivers are the most critical part of the planning. A routing system that cannot address drivers’ needs will most probably fail. Our dispatch and routing engine is designed based on the comfort of drivers.

Below is the list of features and capabilities of Dynaexpress mobile application which would help satisfy all customized needs of users. 

1. Taking photos at the time of delivery 
2. Getting customer’s digital signature 
3.  Paying at the time of arrival 
4.  Considering both pick up and delivery orders based on the capacity of the vehicle 
5.  Including transfer orders (each order have different pick ups)
6.  Prioritizing orders 
7.  Considering time windows for both pick up and delivery orders
8.  Increasing the visit locations up to 200 point per day
9.  Increasing the chosen visit locations 
10. Saving more than 30 favorite plans
11. Adding or deleting orders any time during the plan
12. Changing the orders of visits manually 
13. Sending estimated time of arrival for all visiting locations 
14. Taking different type of reports such as delayed orders report
15. Importing shifts for drivers with different possible shift periods 
16. Live monitoring all the fleet via the main panel 
17. Distributing orders between the drivers based on pre determined territories 
18. Distributing orders evenly between the fleet based on their capacity
19. Considering restricted zones