state of the art dispatch and routing software

Today at least 30% of the logistics costs of transport companies are related to last-mile delivery. DynaExpress offers the best dispatch management and delivery management software which automates delivery routes optimization and supplies capacity to decrease this cost significantly, mainly in terms of number of Kilometers travelled and the number of vehicles needed. Our software enables live tracking of the fleet with its smart mobile apps and cloud-based optimization engine. DynaExpress gives you the capability to reach your customers with efficient last-mile shipping, delivery and dispatch management, and to keep them updated with tracking, and warnings. Furthermore, our dispatch management panel and driver mobile app is the only delivery system that generates and sends very accurate ETAs (Estimated Time of Arrival) to recipients that highly improves customer satisfaction.

Features and capabilities

Below is the list of features and capabilities of Dynaexpress solutions which would help satisfy all customized needs of users.

1- Planning with different weight and volume of orders: Every order different weight and volume. Our engine is capable of providing optimal routing solutions considering each order’s weight and volume as well as the vehicles capacity.

2- Considering different orders priorities: Every order could have its own delivery or pick up priority. For instance, some orders must be delivered at an earlier time window. The DynaExpress engine is capable of considering order priorities in its optimal routing computation.

3- Pick up and deliver orders in one plan: Our engine is capable of computing optimal plans with both pick ups and deliveries. 

4- Considering time windows for orders: When users compute optimal plans, they can add different time windows for each order (both pick up and delivery).

5- Transfer (Each order different depot): DynaExpress engine can compute optimal solutions for transfer orders when each order can origin from a unique depot and must be delivered to a unique location.

6- Heterogeneous vehicles and different truck capacities: Users are able to add different type of vehicles to their plans with heterogenous capacities.

7- Geographical limitations and restricted zones: DynaExpress solutions are able to consider restricted zones where some or all vehicles are not allowed to travel in a specific period.

8- Freelancer drivers: Our app is design to provide the Capability of using the capacity of freelancer drivers for last mile delivery (Similar to Amazon Flex).

9- Edit your plan manually: Users have the ability to edit their plan to consider any last-minute changes. This include adding new orders, deleting previous orders and replanning.  

10- Multiple trip planning: Our plans can consider more than one trip to depot if necessary because of the vehicle’s capacity limit.

11- Predetermined territories: We can consider fixed and predetermined territories by our customers to our optimal plans.